Friday, 23 December 2016

Elite Dangerous Space Bar - The 2016 Eagle Races

Hey space cadets what is going on? I'm Cmdr TwingTwang and welcome to the Space Bar. This week we'll be talking about the social highlight of the month... The Eagle Races!

The event was hosted on the NULL discord channel and a lot of fun was had all round. The route took us in a loop around the farseers base on Decait. Simple as the route looks from above, there are more than a couple of hazards to face. Starting with the four bridges at farseers... and ending with the sportsmanlike conduct of the evil eagles dropping mines and missiles.

Aside from some ganking pirates in Frame Shift near the sun, we all made a good arrival. After the first heat, the race was covered by a friendly Corvette who happened by - Nothing like a bit of muscle to make you feel safe during a murder race.
A well done has to be given to Loner Haddock who manages the bridge of death in his Corvette... At a fraction of eagle speed but he still boosted through.

Thankyou, Cmdr Loner Haddock

The Eagle has landed

The eagle races was a great event, and a great chance to talk smack with the jive turkeys from NULL. Despite my affinity for my Orange python, I managed to squeeze into a little eagle, but seemed to be the only pilot opted for "The Blue One" With a variety of racing red, jet black, and sporting stripes showing all round.
Just as varied as the cosmetics was the engineering that went into the racers. Sandpup has specified this was a murder race, and each heat slowly dissolved into a free for all where the last man standing became more important than the first across the finish line. This makes the choice of shields and hardpoints

I went for a "stock" Class-A Eagle, with sub-spec class-Ds in every slot I didn't need, like FSD. Every component was picked for low-mass high-speed... and then I added shields and hardpoints.
My hardpoints of choice was missiles, because I knew I wouldn't have the fastest thrusters on the grid so there should always be a ready target in view - and if there wasn't, I was winning. Three missile impacts can really ruin your day in an eagle and it was a good pick, but eagles are hard to hit.

If it was an Eagle speedway, obviously I'd lose the hardpoints and consider Bi-Weave shields. You are likely to hit the canyon walls a little and having that faster regen may well be better than having the higher strength. I feel my Shield Cell Bank was wasted ... It's a lightweight component but you really have to have your wits about you to pop a shield in a canyon murder race. There was talk of running shieldless - the insurance companies must love us.

Discussions were had on dirty-drive vs clean, which maybe make more of a difference on the speedway then the murder race. Being able to outrun your opponent helps, but staying alive is tip-top important and I found myself taking heat damage on a couple of occasions without the drive tuning.

Whether you were there for the racing, the murderising, or the comradeship, the Evil Eagle murder race had something for everybody - even a little bit of chase-the-SRV action going on while we were waiting for network instancing to sort out.

This is commander TwingTwang signing out from a night well spent at the NULL Evil Eagle Murder races! Whats the fastest ship you've flown and where do you stand on the Shields+Guns or lightweight+fast scale?

Fly Casual Everybody.