Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Elite Dangerous - New Beginnings

I don't have much to add to the title tonight.  If you've read the Rules of Acquisition, Ship Focus and Pilot Academy posts then you'll realise that there are many tricks you can pull to maximise your income.
So far all of the articles so far have been written in retrospective. They have been about the past, about my experiences with Elite: Dangerous.  I've got Ship Focus articles on the Eagle, Viper and Cobra to write up, and some more Pilot Academy articles on dogfighting and a combat builds and upgrades discussion.

But tonight, I'm going to remind you all to pay your insurance. Or more specifically always - ALWAYS - have enough ready cash to cover it.  In a monumental docking accident, I've just lost my ship and everything. Punching out of the cockpit just before it blew.

I awoke - as one might - at LHS-3447 with three quarters of a million credits and a shop-floor sidewinder.  A few percent of my previous wealth, and not in the position to buy and outfit ships for the blog. I am in the "unique" position of being able to read the blog as seeing if the advice I've been giving makes sense from the perspective of a pilot with no credits and no ship.

So please join me for the next portion of the Captains Blog, where I'll be recounting experiences and thoughts as I cross the stars in memory of the Lakon that I used to know.

New Beginnings.
Our Journey starts at LHS-3447 with a fist full of credits.
I jumped to Eravate, Cleve Hub, to buy a Zorgon Peterson Hauler and outfit it for some long distance travel.  I've written a few articles about the ZP-Hauler and its a great value for money earner - perfect for my new strapped-for-cash adventure.
From there I jumped to...
  • Rish @ 22.7ly
  • LTT 6883 @ 13.7ly
  • LHS 3205 @ 14.8ly
  • Vellamo @ 19.7ly
  • Widows Light @ 21.9ly
  • Pi Hydrae @ 21.5ly
  • Leesti @ 23.2ly
In six jumps I was home-sweet-home at Leesti, after traveling a mere 137.5ly - pretty close to a straight line for the trip and I docked at George Lucas before long. I spent a little while re-outfitting here - and I'd recommend anybody do the same - and went for a 14T build with a full size fuel scoop.
The Jump from Leesti-Fong Wang-Chambo-Chi Eridani - and back - earned me about 300K, which paid for a few more upgrades and a second trip of the same got me to the 1M Mark and a ship I was just about happy with.

The Zorgon Peterson hauler may not look like much, but shes got it where it counts and being able to repeat the stopwatched rare run and get the most out of this little ship sure made me feel like I was back on the road to riches.
Its funny to be in the ZP-Hauler out of necessity instead of for research for the blog, and this pokey little shoebox of a ship is going to be my cockpit for a while yet.  I am - briefly - thankful that I was once so detailed in my reports, logs and notes that even without a ship I still have a sense of direction.

Join me in the next article on this journey to riches, and until then fly casual and remember to reserve enough to pay for your insurance.